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How Does it Work?

Payless Power puts YOU in the driver’s seat instead of the electric company. Whether you need the flexibility of pre paid electric service in Dallas or the convenience of traditional electric service in Dallas, you can get it at Payless Power regardless of your income level or credit history. With flexible payment options, we allow you to better manage your electric bills and control usage. It’s really that simple with Payless Power.
Get Texas Electricity with No Deposit & Ask About Our Specials!

Obtaining electric service in Texas should not be complicated. In fact, just the opposite. That is why with Payless Power, there are no deposits, no credit checks and no long term contracts required to get electric service in Texas. The first step is to determine if you live in an area served by Payless Power. Check this list to see if you live in a deregulated city in Texas, meaning you have the option to choose your Texas electric provider. If so, you can Shop Rates TODAY.

Our bilingual customer service representatives will help you decide on the best Texas electricity plan for your budget -- either prepaid electric or traditional electric. If you choose Texas pay-as-you-go electric service, we will coordinate having the smart meter installed in your home or business. With Payless Power, your service will be trued-up every month to ensure that you are billed on actual usage rather than estimates like our competitors. In addition, we will not surprise you with hidden charges or excessive penalties.

Once your electricity in Texas is setup, we will help you stay connected through regular statements and reminder notices.  As always, Payless Power is proud to offer partial payment service across all of its plan offerings to assist in providing more manageable payments to coincide with your payday schedule.

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Payless Power

The Payless Power Process:

  1. for service by phone - 855.475.4059.
  2. PAY to connect service. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover by phone. Otherwise, you may find a payment center by clicking here.
  3. TRACK USAGE with daily alerts via text message or email. These alerts shall include your account number, charges for usage, your new account balance, and the number of days remaining till your balance is exhausted.  Best of all, Payless Power only bills on actual usage; NO ESTIMATES.  This means you will be billed for the actual energy your home consumes, but it will be billed 2 days in arrears or after the energy is used.
  4. RECHARGE your account balance by making payments. CLICK HERE to see how to make payments with Payless Power.

Looking for cheap electricity in Texas? Call Payless Power today! Our bilingual customer service representatives are available via telephone at 855.475.4059.

*Post Paid service is offered with $0 money down and no deposit with approved credit. Prepaid service requires a minimum prepayment to get connected. $360 savings when comparing Payless Power Super Saver to Provider Of Last Resort Rates with an annual usage of 12,000 kWh per year.


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